Friday, March 13, 2009

Wholesale Liquidation Tools from Harbor Freight Pallets of Gold

Wholesale Tools liquidated from Harbor Freight are a good investment. I have been buying pallets of Harbor Freight tools the last three months. These pallets of wholesale liquidated tools are customer returns. The wholesale tools have a high percentage of working tools. I buy the wholesale lots of Harbor Freight tools from a trading company. The Trading Company charges $750 for the pallet of customer returned tools. Their is about $3000 retail of tools on these pallets of tools from harbor freights liquidation inventory.Market. I buy three pallets a week of these wholesale tools. I sell the tools individually for about $1200 per pallet. After expenses i make a little more than 50% on my investment each week.
It takes a lot of work. The tools are very heavy. I enjoy selling the customer returns tools from Harbor Freight. I like tools.

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